Batch of 2002

The old boys of the 2002 batch rallied up in 2016 to uplift English drama and theatre at College and began their efforts by supporting college with its production for the 2016 All island interschool Shakespeare drama competition which is annually organised by the Colombo YMCA and the Rotary Club of Colombo North.

The 2002 batch was instrumental in commissioning drama director Kevin Cruze, and provided financial support towards the project bearing expenditure up to Rs. 307,000/- (Three hundred and seven thousand). The College staged a production of excerpts from the play Julius Caesar, qualified for the Finals that year and achieved some remarkable results with the following awards.

  • 2nd Runner-up Award
  • Best actor Award (won by Taariq Juranpathy for his portrayal of Brutus)
  • Best Stagecraft Award (Jointly won with St.Peter’s College)