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DBB 17- Broadway Classics -Dance Committee Chairman’s message

21st October 2017 at Cinnamon Grand Colombo, we all created the glamorous Broadway Classics at our Double Blue Ball 2017. The beauty, dazzle fascination and the aura of the roaring twenties was right there at the Oak Room of the prestigious hotel.

The Double Blue Ball is our annual black tie event that brings out the color, comradeship and the spirit of the Wesley College old boys fraternity, their spouses and friends. The event is now the most sort after night of every Wesleyites around the world. This time at the dance, we had Wesleyites and their partners and spouses from four continents flown down, taking long flights, and taking time off from their schedules. We were honored to have their presence at this grand extravaganza.

The Double Blue Ball, or DBB, has now become a signature event in Colombo’s events calendar and, no doubt, is one of the best dances, not just among schools, but across all dances. No other dance would have had an over booking before the tickets were even printed. We have heard of this only with Hollywood Box Office hits. Tickets were sold out four weeks before the dance. Many had to be turned away politely due to serious limitations of space and resources. The DBB became a sold out event in the last couple of years. This proves that the event is reaching dizzy heights in the social circles of Colombo.

I, together with our organizing committee, was humbled by such a demand and we feel that we have accomplished something to inspire future committees.

This year the Double Blue Ball was themed to the Golden Era or Broadway -- the Roaring Twenties. Broadway itself brings out a fascination in everyone’s minds; the stylish dresses, the glitzy attitude, the glamorous aura, and the classical music scores. That was Broadway's busiest decade; with as many as fifty new musicals opening in one single season. The entertainment business was booming and all shows were sellouts. DBB 17 rightly connected with that era by having a sold out dance with color, charm, and appeal that deserve a well due respect.

Behind this fantastic night we had a tough spirited committee with a can do and let’s do attitude and with equal amount of zeal. My right hand men were Fowzil Nawaz, Oliver Rajadurai, Shafraz Naizer, and supported equally by Rasheed Muthalif, Hirosh Rupasinghe, Chryshan Rodrigo, and Eksath Perera. My other hands came from the creative and design guys headed by David Blacker, Shadir Hisham, and Eranga Perera. Other tough nuts were Malin Rodrigo and man-bulldozer Shifaz Najeemudeen, who raked in bigger chunks of sponsorships without which we wouldn’t have been able to offer so much. Alanzo Doll, helped the team coordinating the F & B with the hotel, while my man Senaka Amaratunga had his expertise in the beverage department. From behind the scenes, Mr Cool Richie Sappideen guided the sail smoothly. Our energetic OBU President, Wilhelm Van Dort, came forward with answers for every question, and was the ambassador for DBB 17. He reached out to people and places like we never had before. And finally my friend Farman Cassim, the new young president of OWSC, who let us do what we needed to, and supporting all the way through.

I am obliged to you all. Further, on behalf of the committee, our appreciation goes to all the sponsors, partners, advertisers and well-wishers, for their generosity towards the Double Blue Ball 2017. This appreciation also goes to many senior old boys who pledged their personal contributions toward making this night a blast from the past!

Finally, a big and a heartfelt thank you to all of you who attended this grand dance, and I am sure you would have had an unforgettable ride.

Shiraz Lye (Chairman Dance Committee)

Chairman Dance Committee

From left- Alanzo Doll (Club 90), Chryshan Rodrigo (1997 batch), Fowzil Nawaz (1979 batch), Shafraz Naizer (1997 batch), Rashid Muthaliph (1995 batch), Shiraz Lye (Club 90), Shifaz Najeemudeen (2002), Eksath Perera (2002), Hirosh Rupasinghe (Club 90), Oliver Rajadurai (1999).

Missing in the picture- David Blacker (Club 90), Shadir Hisham (2014), Eranga Perera (1997), Malin Rodrigo (2014).