Past Projects

OBU Work for & on behalf of Wesley College

Wesley Chapel

1. Part financial assistance in building of the Chapel by member/s of OBU.
2. Making of the Pulpit by member/s of OBU.
3. Sound System of the Chapel donated by OBU.
4. The Mews done by the OBU.
5. 250 bibles were donated by member of OBU in 2015.

Student Christian Movement of Wesley College

1. OBU donates financially every year.

Annual Organizational Efforts by OBU

1. OBU Christmas Party for Wesley fraternity & their families.
2. OBU & OWSC annual Double Blue Ball.
3. Founder’s Days celebrations including Principals’ Tea Part, OBU Annual Lunch and Past vs present matches in Cricket, Soccer, Hockey , Basketball & Water Polo.

College Development

1. The construction of the Swimming Pool in 2010/11 cost Rs 20 million – 90% of the funding by Old Boys from all over the World – Project spearheaded by OBU Colombo.
2. Wesley Walk 2010 – Raised Rs 8.9 million (joint effort by OBU & College).
3. Wesley Walk 2015 – Raised Rs 7.8 million (joint effort by OBU & College).
4. Recognition of students who represented at national level being recognized at Annual OBU Lunch – initiative by OBU since 2014. Medals and recognition cost Rs 23,000/ paid by OBU.
5. Career Guidance Seminar for Senior Students of Wesley College organized by OBU since 2013 to assist students in preparing for Exams & Career choices in academics & corporate sectors – fully sponsored by OBU including Lunch & Tea at Rs 150,000/.
6. Recognizing teams of College on their achievements with motivational programs/felicitations since 2014.
7. Financial assistance from OBU for students who travel overseas to representing at national level since 2010.
8. Donation by OBU of Rs 50,000/ in 2013 to purchase nets for cricket practice.
9. Donation by OBU in 2013 for Rs 50,000/ for Development of Rugby & Cricket.
10. Cricket equipment worth Rs150,000/ donated to College through OBU from Australia.
11. Since 2013, the OBU provides dinner to over 100 participants who attend the annual conference of the Methodist Church.
12. A group of old boys from batch 68-72 donated Rs 1.2 million towards the development of the College hall.
13. Wesley’s 140th Anniversary was celebrated in grand fashion with OBU spearheading all related functions culminating in a Gala dinner at the Hilton in 2014.
14. OBU gave leadership to installation of Hoardings at Campbell Park to enable the school to gain financially from advertisers in 2014. Sadly this was not continued. Cost of Rs 40,000/ for infrastructure was borne by OBU.
15. M.H.Mohamed board was re-installed at a cost of Rs 35,000/ by OBU in consultation with the Principal in 2014.
16. Hostel clean -up was initiated with financial assistance of Rs 50,000/ from OBU & OBU members with batch members’ help did the job as the Hostel was in bad shape.
17. Boards that were missing from the Pavilion was found, refurbished & put back to rightful places at the Pavilion in 2014 by the OBU at a cost of Rs 37,500/.
18. For the 1st time in history of College, an inventory of College assets were done by OBU in 2014. All classrooms except, the office & the Highfield Block was done & report handed to the Principal. No cost to the College.
19. The OBU assisted the College in setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for all coaches as there was no system in place at that time.
20. Classroom Refurbishment Project started in 2014 and as at to date a total of 21 classrooms has been refurbished at no cost to the College. The work included fresh layers on cement on walls, new circuit breakers, new lights & 2 fans per classroom, white boards instead of blackboards, floor repair, window/door repair & refurbishment of furniture.
21. For your info 6 Classrooms in the Main block and 11 classrooms in the Highfield block cost Rs.4,415,600/ was entirely funded by Old Boys.
22. The 4 classrooms done in 2016 above the College office cost Rs 1,346,700/ was from proceeds of the Wesley Walk 2015.
23. The 1st ever Sports budget for Wesley College was prepared by the Sports Administrator initiated & assisted by the OBU & presented to the Principal & Governing board in 2014.
24. For the first time a Wesley Carnival was organized in 2014. Old boys devoted their time to raise funds toward the purchase of a brand new bus. Current Manager of the school Rev. Asiri Perera drove the bus on its maiden journey.
25. The new Bus cost Rs 11 million which was from proceeds from the Carnival.
26. Uniforms to the staff at Campbell Park was sponsored by OBU in 2015 at a cost of Rs 15,000/.
27. New covers for turf was obtained by OBu for coverage of pitch at Campbell Park.
28. Nos 14 garbage bins were donated by old boys for use within the College campus costing Rs 35,000/.
29. The photographs of all the Principals & prominent old boys numbering 26 which are in the College Hall were re-framed & made uniform in size by OBU in 2015.
30. Donation og High Quality desks & chairs facilitated by an Old boy through his Company.
31. OBU along with the Associate Principal felicitate old boys who are Parliamentarians at the College hall.
32. A book donation campaign was initiated by the OBU. In 2016 & was well received by the College.
33. The Basketball Court at Borella Campus was resurfaced at a cost of Rs 350,000/ from Walk2015 Funds.
34. Assisted in initiation of new Badminton court at Havelock Primary with a donation of Rs100,000/ through Walk2015 Funds.
35. The OBU updated the Hill Medal board & the latest statistics on all record boards at the Pavilion.
36. OBU lent a hand in upgrading Sports infrastructure at the Havelock & Katunayake campuses in 2016.
37. Track kits for 1st XI Cricket team was sourced by OBU at accost of Rs 75,000/ in 2016.
38. Obtained & facilitated Blazer material from few Old Boys living in UK at cost of about Rs275,000/ in 2016.
39. Purchased 2 brand new Table Tennis boards to Borella Campus at a cost of Rs200,000/ through Walk 2015 funds.
40. Through funds from the Wesley Walk 2015, brand new quality furniture was ordered by OBU and 5 classrooms were completed in 2016 approx cost of Rs5000/ per chair/table.
41. In 2017 a fresh effort is being raised to have all classrooms complete with new & quality furniture. The cost is Rs 5500/ per chair/desk. So far donations have been pledged furniture for 9 classrooms with more to be confirmed by end 2017. The donation by OBU for this project of 9 classrooms will be in the region of Rs 1,237,000/.
42. It is the intention of the OBU to assist the College in refurbishing the Labs as well.

Pre- Refurbishment 2014

Post Refurbishment 2015/6

Brand New – Quality, Wooden Furniture