Those 500 Days under The Double Blue

An Interim Principal and wife arrived at Wesley with only thoughts of boys and education which they were skilled in and with no other prior intentions. Just 5 days before, Rev. Asiri met us at home and requested us to be at Wesley for three months until the appointed Principal arrived from Canada.  So we were literally pitch-forked into Wesley.  We accepted the invitation after sending up a viber message to God.  Something momentous happened.  We fell in love with Wesley and we automatically obeyed the Wesley motto, Ora et Labora . Our lecturing at Teacher Training Colleges plus a lifetime in teaching & Admin helped us to see with new eyes what changes were necessary.  Being Methodist Lay Preachers and with the Wesley tradition of Christianity at the helm, the first move was hours of prayer early morning and late into the night all through our stay.

The day after arrival I opened up the Chapel for morning prayers by taking a service.  On that day there were about 6..Read More

What it means to be a Wesleyite

I joined Wesley College in 1959 in the Lower Kindergarten. It is so long ago but my memory recalls standing in a line with my mother and a number of other boys with their mothers to be greeted by Miss Norma de Silva. We marched in to our class behind the boarders dining hall to the music of a military march played on the piano by Mrs Dulcie de Mel. I had no choice as to what school I would attend but later on it made sense why my parents had chosen Wesley College. In those days it was a tradition that the son attended his father’s school when it was his turn. My father attended Wesley College when the “Saint of Karlsruhe”- Rev Henry Highfields was Principal. On reflection it was a great decision, one which I grasped and went on to make the most of the opportunities available.

From those formative years, due to its racial mix of students there was an English, Sinhalese and Tamil stream. I was..Read More

Wesley CollegeThen(1880) & Now!

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History of the Wesley College Old Boys Union Australia Branch

It seems like only yesterday that a small group of Wesleyites gathered to form the first Overseas Branch of the Wesley College Old Boys’ Union in Melbourne, Australia. In 1979, the Trinity College OBA informed Cecil d’With-Barbut an old boy of Wesley, that Mr Cedric Oorloff (Wesley’s Principal 1950-1957) wished to meet as many Old Wesleyites when he visited Melbourne in 1980. This was the catalyst that brought the Old Wesleyites “Down Under” together. Mr d’With-Barbut happened to work with Rodney de Kretser and myself and we were called to his office to discuss this request and formulate a plan to host Mr and Mrs Oorloff. There was a feeling of excitement for until then.....Read More

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