Message from Wesley College OBU United Kingdom

Message from - Mr Tyrone Namasivayam
President Wesley College Colombo OBU (UK)

Congratulations and fraternal greetings from Wesley College OBU (UK) to Wesley College OBU (Colombo) on launching the revamping and strengthening of the OBU Colombo Website. A strong and dynamic OBU Colombo Website will be the hub for communications connectivity with Wesleyites in Sri Lanka and around the world. This will greatly enhance the role of Wesley College OBU Colombo as the premier OBU of Wesley College in representing Wesleyites all over the world. This will strengthen the presentation of the concerns and proposals from the Wesley OBUs to the Methodist Church of Sri Lanka, Principal and Management of Wesley College for the advancement of Wesley College.

We welcome this initiative taken by the President and committee of OBU Colombo as we are confident that the OBU Colombo Website will vibrant and well deigned to:

  • Provide latest reliable information on the plans and developments at Wesley College to all Wesleyites throughout the world. This will eliminate the need for Wesleyites around the world having to depend on rumors and hearsay about the state of affairs and developments at Wesley College.

  • Highlight the successes achieved by the pupils of Wesley College in various activities and encourage them to excel themselves further.

  • Promote the discussions between Wesley OBUs and Wesleyites around the world on matters impacting Wesley College. Such exchanges will help to develop synergies and strategies for the Wesley College OBUs to work together with the Management of Wesley College for the betterment of College.

The common sentiments expressed by the the fraternal band of Wesleyites all over the world is well known. “Wesley College, Colombo gave us a good start in life: it instilled in us the sense of honesty, integrity, fair play, sportsmanship and to respect the rights and welfare of others; our debt to our Principals and staff of Wesley is enormous.” In this context, a pro- active OBU Colombo Website can be expected to harness the combined efforts of Wesley College OBUs around the world to provide the necessary support to our Alma Mater.

Wesley College (UK) will provide all possible support to OBU Colombo Website to make it the primary forum so that “boys of Wesley through the world shall together stand, bound by one fraternal band of double blue and when Wesley's call shall sound, all shall all be found ready in duty and in honor bound”. We are sure such combined well directed efforts will contribute for Wesley College, Colombo to reach new heights, producing Men of grit and industry, who will serve our dear land Sri Lanka with honor bright and loyalty.

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