The Refurbished Chemistry Lab was opened on 3rd January 2019

A long felt need of our school was fulfilled when a passionate old boy, Nalin Karunatileka (‘Batch of 87’) sponsored the complete renovation of the Chemistry lab at a total cost of Rs. Rs.833,750/=. Nalin made this initiative in memory of his father, late Mr. B.J. Karunatileka who was a distinguished Old Boy of Wesley.

 All senior science students stand to benefit from this timely move to renovate and upgrade the equipment and fittings of the lab.

The project idea was mooted by the OBU President, Wilhelm VanDort, who has, during his tenure as the President, initiated much school development work for the benefit of his beloved Alma Mater. Nalin was glad to take ownership for the project and was behind it from the blue print to the time it was dedicated to the school.

A brief ceremony was held at the site on 3rd January to mark the above occasion which was graced by the Principal, Avanka Fernando, OBU President, Wilhelm VanDort and the Donor - Nalin Karunatileka.

We, the old boys of Wesley are grateful to Nalin for his philanthropic gesture and are sure that many more duty conscious old boys and well-wishers will take a cue and come forward to assist our school in numerous ways.

Ora Et Labora!

Sent By - Lakshman Uduwara

The Refurbished Chemistry Lab was opened on 3rd January 2019